Driving With Suspended License In New York

We are often contacted by a motorist with the following story: you were driving on a New York highway and you are pulled over by a state trooper. You know that one headlight is out and you realize that you might get a ticket for the missing headlight.  The police officer takes your license and registration.  The police officer returns and politely informs you that are driving with a suspended license.  At this point, you are facing a possible arrest and jail time if convicted for violating New York Vehicle and Traffic Law 511 Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a motor vehicle.

Criminal Charge for Driving with a Suspended License In NY

Often a driver operating without a license is treated as any other criminal.  You can be handcuffed, fingerprinted and arraigned the same way as in a DWI or other criminal situation.

How Did I Arrive At This Point?

The most common scenario is that a driver received a ticket several years ago and never responded to it or responded but failed to pay a court fine.  According to the town court, the driver failed to appear.  A simple but ignored NY traffic ticket can mushroom into a violation of New York VTL 511, a criminal conviction with a large fine and possible jail time.

There are other causes of your driving license being suspended such as driving without insurance or amassing 11 points on your driving record in 18 months.  Read more.

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law 511 – Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle

AUO in the third degree

AUO in the second degree

AUO in the first degree

How to Respond to a Ticket for NY VTL 511

Before responding to your Driving with Suspended License in NY ticket, call a NY traffic attorney.

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